KAYLAI is the co-creator, co-writer and artist of sinFin She has an overactive (often dubbed "overREactive") imagination and often just spits out ideas for sinFin like a camel in the desert. Kaylai J. is a pen name derived from her fairly obvious real name, because Kaylai is paranoid that she'll be annoyed by people who actually DO know who she is.

When Kaylai isn't being crazy and cooking up ideas for sinFin, she's a 18 19 year old girl attending a junior college in her area, majoring in Linguistics and Education. She often is procrastinating on her homework when she works on sinFin, like right now.

PETER is the co-creator of sinFin. He is also the editor of the comics and Kaylai's assistant for writing. He's been around since the beginning of sinFin's creation and listens to Kaylai ramble on about all of her comic ideas, and often helps think of new ones and with character designs.

When Peter's not working on sinFin, he's a 18 year old guy busy trying to get through life as a boring college freshman.

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